Colostrum Premium Chewables 1600

90 tablets / one tablet a day
Take and chew 1 ~ 3 tablets for children 2 ~ 13 years of age
Take and chew 1 tablet daily for people over 13 years of age

It contains 800mg Colostrum which helps enhance the immune system and growth of children.
It collects colostrum from naturally grazing cow under antibiotics, artificial feed and stress free conditions.
It contains 20 ~ 25% growth factors and IgG (immunoglobulin).
It is an artificial sweetener and flavor free product.
It contains 800mg in a tablet.
Nutritional information : ‘Premium Colostrum Chewables 1600’ is a chewable colostrum which helps enhance the growth and immune system of children. It is made of colostrum collected from healthy cow grown in a natural grazing system under antibiotics and artificial feed free conditions. As it is made of only colostrum collected within 72 hours, it is rich in nutrients including 20 ~ 25% proteins, growth factors, IgG (immunoglobulin). It contains 800mg in a tablet. As it has a vanilla flavor with natural strawberry flavor, everyone can take it regardless of age and gender.